The section contains informational and educational videos from my author's channel.

Information about the teaching of transsurfing

Transurfing refers to the world of the feuls, which belong to another space system, which people who are interested in this teaching should be aware of.

Information about the cosmic Teachers

Initiated people of a high level of spirituality can co-tune into the frequencies of high cosmic Teachers and have their help and support.

About protection from low and dark settlers

Information about an effective method of prolonged protection against restless souls, the dead, low and dark settlers.

Information about the Indian Gods Aryaman, Surya, Hanuman, Kalachakra and Ram.

About the possibilities of the ancient Indian Gods and the way of co-tuning to their frequencies.

Information about the great cosmic Sutas Durga and Navagraha

The ancient Indian Gods have become great cosmic Essences, capable of supporting worthy bright people.

Information about the cosmic frequency of creative insights

Creative people need inspiration, new ideas for implementation, and for them there is a special cosmic frequency that gives them all this, you just need to tune in to it!

Information about signs and their influence on human life

In the name of a person, information about him is encoded, it matters under which Moon (White or Black) a person was born, you can also find out which Higher Essence can patronize him in earthly life.

Information on how to become more productive in spiritual practice.

Advice from the great Essence of the cosmos for dedicated people in terms of maximum achievements in spiritual practice.

About the holder of wealth and prosperity in the Hierarchy of the Lord

Ganesha is the head of the level of wealth and prosperity in the Hierarchy of the Lord, he can accept a worthy person into the ranks of his adherents and bestow material benefits on him.

Information about the meaning of numbers from the point of view of the Higher Forces

Each figure has its own special meaning and, knowing this, a person can change his life for the better.