Urgent help by photo

Extended Space Assistance

Emergency, prolonged cosmic assistance is a cosmic channel (frequency) of a community of powerful cosmic egregors, which people can turn to for help through a dedicated guide in the presence of difficult health situations. The energy of the channel is significantly different from the earthly frequency of existence, so a person becomes somewhat scattered while receiving his energy. While receiving the energy of the channel, the eyes of a person should be closed. This channel can save a person from cancer, AIDS, hepatitis and other serious diseases and works from 3 days to 5 days. The payment for such help is high, because the energy investments of the conductor and the cosmic channel into a person are significant.

First Space Intimate Aid

Not all people on Earth, for various reasons, are so healthy and sexually attractive as to be able to satisfy their basic instinct in the usual way, with the right partner. The Higher Forces have provided for people urgent cosmic intimate assistance, which is a high cosmic channel (frequency) that provides urgent intimate assistance to interested people, which brings them sexual energy through a dedicated conductor. The energy of the channel is intended for men and women. The channel gives multiple sexual release to people, concentrating on their sexual chakra, thus the channel harmonizes, improves the tone and mood of a person. The session lasts 10-15 minutes, at this time it is better for a person to lie down, his eyes should be closed.
All people can tune in to the energy of this channel through a dedicated conductor and receive its energy at a convenient time for themselves.

Urgent Space Aid

People who apply for urgent cosmic help are provided by a special cosmic channel (frequency) of highly developed aliens through their dedicated guide. This is an emergency space aid to people in difficult transcendental situations, which is a hypersensitive bunch of energy. First, they appear near the dedicated guide, read the mental image of his client (photo), scan it and, at his request, solve the problem for 3-5 minutes. The client's eyes should be closed during this time. They see diseases that originate in the body, and treat what is on the surface. If a person wants to commit suicide, he will change his mind and never remember it again. If a person is in clinical death, he will safely get out of this situation and will live. The channel can perform surgery on a person, dissolve kidney stones, make heart valves work, add male or female energy. The payment for such urgent help is high, because the energy investments of the conductor and the space channel of aliens in a person are significant.

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