Initiation into the method

Remote initiation: Initiation into the “Master” and “Master” degrees of the spiritual-practical method “Energy of the Forces of Light”.

Energy cleansing + opportunities

Remote initiation: a universal channel that makes it possible to energetically cleanse yourself of negativity, activate chakras, heal the body, charge water for a healing effect, restore the aura and be saturated with energy in any position (personal presence is required)

Fulfillment of desires

Remote initiation: the channel of wish fulfillment

Cleansing from influences

Remote initiation into the channel of cleansing from negative influences, which makes it possible to become a servant of God.

Universal channel

Remote initiation: a universal channel that relieves physical pain and mental suffering

Healing channel of the highest level

Remote initiation into higher-level healing channels from other space systems.

Healing channel of vision

Remote initiation: the divine healing channel of vision

Higher channel

Remote initiation: the highest information channel, which makes it possible to diagnose a person and magical problems, enter the information field of the Universe and receive any information upon request (time spent – 1 week)

Finding a home

Remote initiation: a channel for people who want to find their home

Channel for healers

Remote initiation: channel of healing power (for healers)

Rejuvenation and attractiveness

Remote initiation: a channel that brings rejuvenation and attractiveness to a woman

Psychic abilities

Remote initiation: a channel for the development of psychic abilities.


Remote initiation: a superpowerful brain development channel.

Creative skills

Remote initiation: a channel for the development of creative abilities.

Protecting family values

Remote initiation: a channel for protecting family values, love and marriage.

Relief from stress

Remote initiation: a channel for getting rid of sexual tension, receiving discharge.

Increased libido

Remote initiation: a channel for the development of libido, increasing potency, sensuality and sexuality, for men and women.

“Orange Ribbon”

Remote initiation: the magical monetary peg “Orange Ribbon”.

Attracting wealth

Remote initiation: a channel for attracting money and wealth – with a special money mantra and a conspiracy for money.

Without quarrels

Remote initiation: a channel that smooths out “sharp corners” in relationships

Birth of children

Remote initiation: a channel for women wishing to have children.

“Ideal woman”

Remote initiation: a channel for the ideal woman, from the point of view of a man.

“Sole of company”

Remote initiation: a channel that gives you the opportunity to be the “soul of the company”.

Spiritual development channel

Remote initiation: a channel conducive to enlightenment, maximum spiritual development.

Getting rid of negative emotions

Remote initiation: a channel that gets rid of negative emotions, despondency, longing, etc. states.

Purification channel

Remote initiation: a channel for cleansing people from evil spirits, negative magical influences, strengthening the Spirit, the will.

Fertility channel

Remote initiation: fertility channel (for people who have gardens and orchards) – upon receiving co-attunement to one of the healing or cleansing channels – free of charge

Treatment of animals and plants

Remote initiation: a channel for healing animals and plants.

Healing channel

Remote initiation into a healing channel, of a higher level, of other cosmic systems.

Protection from negativity

Remote initiation: channels of protection from negative magical influences and messages.

Property and energy protection

Remote initiation: a channel that cleans the negative energy of a person, house, apartment, office, things.


Remote initiation: a channel that gets rid of astral and low connections, creating protection from them for 4-7 days.

For business

Remote Initiation: a channel for business men and women that develops aspirations and ambitions, instills self-confidence and provides real support.

Many intelligent people have long ago realized that with the help of the subtle world on Earth to live is incomparable easier and through co-adjustments to the energy-information frequencies of the Earth and space, they master useful magical possibilities with great benefit for themselves.

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    Healing channels

    The energy that a person receives from outside can be used, among other things, to improve health, maintain good health, get rid of various ailments, including chronic ones. The channels through which flows of such energy pass are called healing. Having passed the initiation procedure, you and I initiate the process of receiving the energy of the earth and space through such channels.

    With the help of medical information channels, it is possible to restore not only physical, but also mental health. The energy of light positive force will help: get rid of mental pain, suffering, anxiety and depression; restore the harmony of interaction of all internal organs and systems, thanks to which the body will begin to function as a whole, without failures and overlays; strengthen the immune system and increase the body's resistance to negative influences coming from outside.

    And also: improve the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, activate blood flow, cleanse all fluids circulating in the body - blood, water, lymph and others; restore hormonal balance; improve the functioning of the digestive system.

    And also - to overcome chronic fatigue and apathy, to be filled with high-quality energy of the four elements, to find spiritual harmony, not to get hung up on temporary difficulties and open towards spiritual growth.

    What is it for? Of course, first of all, for healing and healing, prolonging life and improving its quality. But not only. When a person feels bad, sick, uncomfortable, he has neither physical nor mental strength for development and self-knowledge, improvement and personal growth. His aura is literally full of weak spots, and through these breakdowns, he fully absorbs the negative coming from the people around him, events, circumstances, and information. It turns out a vicious circle consisting of sensations "bad - even worse." Having passed the rite of initiation, a person will be able to connect to the cosmic and terrestrial energy channels of the healing frequency, be filled with light, joy and the power of positive. They will provide an opportunity to leave this circle, starting a movement towards improving health, changing life and destiny.

    You can receive an initiation that opens access to the channels of health energy, both in person and by photograph. The main thing is to realize that this is exactly what you need, and contact me in any way convenient for you.