Ritual "Fulfillment of a wish"

During the ritual, a dedicated guide opens a high cosmic channel on a person, designed to fulfill the desires of people. It can be an attraction of happiness, love, good luck, well-being and prosperity. If a person asks for himself or for his children, the desire is accepted. During the ritual, candles are lit and incense of plant origin is used. The desire of a person should be bright and real. On a subconscious level, a person must be ready to accept what he wants. During the ritual, the process of cause-and-effect relationships is launched, the channel gives impetus to the closure (fulfillment of desire). Session - 5 minutes.

Ritual "True Woman"

This ritual is designed to make a woman a true woman in a relationship with a man. The guide opens a powerful Divine channel of love for a woman. During the ritual, a woman can create a mental image of her beloved man, and then both of them will be cleansed of negativity and protected from the forces of evil. A woman can get information about the existing problems between her and her partner, and ways to get out of them. It is in the power of the channel to return tender feelings between partners, if their feelings are still glimmering, if circumstances divorced a loving couple. A channel for sincere feelings, protects love, strengthens, restores and preserves love relationships, protects partners from evil eye and damage. Session - 20 minutes.

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