Site of the psychic - healer

Site of the psychic - healer

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Lyubov Shcherbinina

I am Lyubov Shcherbinina, a woman of strength, a spiritual healer, a psychologist, a mentor, a conductor of cosmic and earthly energies, a follower of special magical rituals, the author of 22 books.
In my work I use only light channels (energy-informational frequencies) of the spiritual-practical method "Energy of the Forces of Light".

Dedication is given to a person once and for the rest of his life!


Energy of the Forces of Light

The method of spiritual and physical healing "Energy of the Forces of Light" is a new step on the path of evolution and enlightenment of the Human Spirit, the frequencies of the method are able to provide effective assistance to people who want to embark on the path of maximum self-realization.

The channels of the “Energy of the Forces of Light” method bring people psychic energy, the opportunity to reach a new level of success and wealth, provide personal growth and security, the ability to withstand the pressure of an aggressive environment.


“Maximum purity”

The program includes a set of co-settings for the frequencies of cleansing from evil spirits, low and dark connections and witchcraft.


“My own healer”

The program assumes co-tuning to the frequency of magical protection, energetic cleansing and restoration of the energy level.



The program involves initiation into 4 channels, contributing to protection, cleansing, energy recovery, success and prosperity.


“Youth and charm”

The program involves initiation into 4 channels (treatment, cleansing, protection, channel of beauty, charm and sexuality).


“I am a psychic”

The program involves initiation into 4 channels (treatment, cleansing, protection, channel of extrasensory development).


“I am the smartest”

The program involves initiation into 4 channels, which make it possible to be protected, energetically pure and capacious, having a co-tuning to the frequency of brain development.


“I am a creator”

The program involves 4 initiations, giving the opportunity to be protected, energetically pure and capacious.


Only good, only Light, only pure energy!

The method of use and the access code to the channels are sent in writing or electronically, after payment for the initiation ritual.

The methodology of working with channels is simple and accessible to any sane person, it has stages of achievement of opportunities. You can find a methodological guide for working with frequencies in bookstores or online stores, or contact the author for it.

You can also take advantage of my other offers in the section: “Remote prepaid services” and get them in real time by pre-registering for a session.

Dear friends! Contact me for help, ask questions, find out the information you need about working with channels and change your life for the better! I can be of service to you in any way! There are so many possibilities in my arsenal that everyone, if they wish, will choose something suitable for themselves!

Author of 22 fiction and popular books

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