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Do use my suggestions and your life and health will change for the better! I am Lubov Shcherbinina, a woman of force, psychic healer, psychologist, spiritual teacher, master of white magic, conductor of cosmic and earthly energies, successor of Siberian magic rituals, author of the book «I know!» — about a psychic-healer's work with the channels of «Cosmoenergetics», about the laws of the magic world (published by West Consulting, Moscow 2010). In my work I use only light channels of the «Energy of Light Forces « method, method of spiritual development «Cosmoenergetics» and Egregor Zoroastrianism, complete and updated information of which you can order on this site. I also have in my arsenal a lot of different exclusive techniques to get rid of loneliness, gaining the weight, to attract love, wealth and good luck into a human's life with help of newly discovered cosmic, magical and earthly channels. I give everyone, not only service, but the technology — initiation to the healing and curative magical channels that help people to gain good health, vivacity of spirit and fulfillment of wishes. An initiation can be got by every sane person. The initiation is given him once and for all the rest of his life! An initiation is equal to the second birth. A person who has mastered a certain set of magical possibilities, can become a master, real wizard and find his individual cosmic name, by which he will be recognized by the entire Cosmos! Using my suggestions, you can help yourself in real life and become a conductor of healing and enlightenment for many other people!
The technique of work with cosmic healing flows is simple and accessible, and can be sent in writing to all desirous, after payment and an initiation session.

As for CAUSES OF DISEASES, people have different of them, but it is possible to help, support, reduce human suffering by using special space and earthly channels. Special healing sessions help to revive, to become young, beautiful and healthy. For the development of psychic and creative abilities, it is important if human aura is pure, and the chakras (energy centers of the body) function optimally. I pay maximum attention to each client, pick up the options that really help, because I have initiations into more than 200 cosmic, earthly, and magical channels and share their energy with others. In my arsenal, there are many many different ways to help a person to determine himself in life, understand the meaning of current embodiment, develop creative and psychic abilities and become healthier, more successful and happier. I have a great experience working with clients, a lot of students. I do real sessions and photo sessions for training people for an initiation and give them initiations, which contribute to improvement of the body health and purify people from the negative magical effects, including waisting desease, necrotic binding, possession, zombying, coding, ancestral curses. In the same way I can provide immediate assistance to people at a distance, after a photograph. You can read more about my suggestions, choose the most preferable ones for you. At your service there are also programs: «Be Your Own Healer», «The Maximum Clarity», «The Space Warrior». I also meet people's desires to have individual programs of recovery, development and prosperity. We can pick them up together.
If you doubt my words, then listen to your soul. Your soul knows everything! God dwells in it! Ask yourself whether you get here what your soul craves? Can you really have through the initiation a connection with the high Divine energies? You will receive the correct answer in your soul. Keep in mind that magic is the highest art. There is a white magic — from God, and a black magic — from the Devil. Here I offer you only light, clean energies, bearing goodness, light, success, health and prosperity.
To use my services, you need to send me an email with your photo onto this site or at my e-mail: womanpower-Liubov@yandex.ru, transfer the required amount of money for the selected service or initiation.

After the payment for a service, you have chosen and paid for, it will be given you within 3 days. You will receive detailed instructions on the practical use of the channel to which you will have an initiation (a connection). This will happen without your direct involvement, by the photo you have sent.
You can get all of the above services in real-time, making previously an individual or group appointment by the phone:
+7 (495) 726 26 31

The cost of one personal visit (till May 2011) — U.S. $ 200 or the equivalent in rubles. The individual program of the visit includes: diagnosis, cleansing from the negative magical effects magic, a session of health promotion, as well as a session of losing the weight, rejuvenation, vision improving, developing psychic and creative abilities of your choice. Initiations to medical and magical channels are possible after preliminary preparation — cleansing from negative magical effects. The cost of the work in a group is 50% of the cost of an individual visit. The time of group lessons can be clarified by phone: +7 (495) 726 26 31.

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